Anti-Fatigue Mats

Product Features /
Kitchen Mat Size: 18 "x 30" or other size
?Dominant Color: Brown
Made out of durable, yet comfortable, non toxic material
Safe, non-slip bottom surface.
Clean up is easy with soap and water
Make your next task more comfortable and efficient with the new Sublime Imprint Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats

Product Details /
Name: Anti-Fatigue Mats
ASIN: AFT-183006
Item model number: AFT-183006
Product Dimensions: 18 x 30 x 0.6 inches;
Weight: 0.6KG
Packing: 12PC in cartons

Description /
Stunningly unique, this anti-fatigue kitchen mat offers cushioning that helps to ease foot stress and uncomfortable back pain thay may occur while

standing. With a durable rubber exterior and a built-in-for-comfort foam core, this kitchen rug is an essential must-have for those who crave more

comfort when they are on their feet.

Reduces overall fatigue and pain associated with standing on hard surfaces
Beneficial to individuals with back, thigh, and lower leg or foot discomfort
Conforms to the shape of your feet and supports your arches resulting in soothing relief
Perfect for many areas of the home including the kitchen, laundry, bathroom or garage
Non-toxic, phthalate-free, no formaldehyde or other toxic heavy metals used in production
Exceptional anti-fatigue comfort
Durable, abrasion-resistant, and stain-resistant for long-term enjoyment
Safe, non-slip bottom keeps comfort mat in place
Absorbs noise, providing soundproofing benefits
Waterproof and washable - easy to clean with soap and water


furniture sliders

furniture sliders

  • Product Specifications
    Part Number: 0450
    Size: 3 x 3-Inch
    Color: Schungite
    Item Package Quantity: 4pc in a card
    Shipping Weight: 0.12 KG
    Packaging Information: 4pcs/blister card
    12 card in a PE bag
    48 card in a carton
    NW.6 KG/CN
    Carton size: 38X33X25CM

furniture sliders 3"X3" 4pcs/card
furniture sliders,Square Permanent, Furniture Movers, Gliders,Sliders3"X3" 4pcs/card patins glisseurs
Just tilt the furniture forward or backward slightly, enough to push one of the sliders under each of the four corners. Then easily push your sofa, table, lounge chair, TV unit, armoire - whatever - to the new location. You hardly have to exert any effort. They are amazing! If you're by yourself, just tilt the piece of furniture forward or backward, then push one of the sliders under one corner with your foot. (Just be careful not to untilt the furniture while your foot is near the slider.) It's that simple. I can't tell you the number of times I've moved my furniture from room to room and back again all by myself since I've had these handy little sliders.If you're thinking about or presenting in the interior redesign or home staging (staging homes, house fluffing, rearrangement business) business, then these furniture sliders are a must have! I never ever go to a redesign or staging appointment without 2-3 sets of sliders. The reason I take more than one set is so that I can move several pieces of furniture at one time without having to move the sliders any more than necessary. They are so inexpensive, investing in moreFURNITURE SLIDERS 3"X3" 4pcs/card than one set is a must for me.

Technical Details
* There's no need for adhesive. The thick, dense foam conforms to any item placed on it, gripping furniture and staying with the object being moved.
* The thick foam and curved base raises the furniture above the carpet nap to allow freemovement.
* Their elongated shape allows for easy positioning under items being moved.
* The round rimmed edges will reduce friction and make moving from one floor surface to another easy.
* Their ultra smooth base glides on most floor surfaces with ease, especially carpet.
Product Description
From the Manufacturer
Super Sliders feature distinctive packaging and complete surface protection for your home or office. Combined with super quality, innovation and longevity for all your furniture and floor protection needs.
Product Description
FURNITURE SLIDERS 3"X3" 4pcs/card ,Square Furniture Super Sliders Self Stick Features:; Furniture sliders; Slides effortlessly across any surface; Self stick; Square. 4 per card.


Carpet Protector Mats 

  • Name:Carpet Protector Mats

  • thickness¬† :0.6mm~3mm
  • Width: 50cm ,60cm
  • Length: arbitrary
  • Color(s) - Clear
  • Description - Transparent to prevent the sliding carpet protection mat For Carpet

Description Features:
  • Carpet Protector Mats, Protects Carpets From Soil & Wear, Crystal Clear Vinyl Lets The Beauty Of The Carpeting Show Through
  • Gripper-Back For Stay Put Performance On Carpet, Easy Serve A Revolutionary System That Incorporates Perforations Every 1 '
  • Count Out The Footage Required, Twist On The Perforated Line & Separate, It's That Simple,You Cannot Walk It Apart,
  • Easy Serve Dramatically Reduces Service In Your Store, Eliminates Waste, Provides A Straight Edge Every Time & Is Safe To Work With.
  • The protection of carpets, allow freedom of movement above and will not damage the carpet